Low-Carbon Clean Tech


Nowhere is US and China cooperation more needed than in the joint fight against Global Warming. Local governments, businesses and civil society groups in both countries are actively preparing for the potentially harmful effects of such changes while promoting mitigation against further environmental degradation. Incubating low-carbon technologies and business models is critical in shaping a future society based on environmental balance and public health.

Launching Pad plays an active role investing in low carbon technologies and promoting environmental cooperation between the US and China. Launching Pad has partnered with the California Clean Energy Fund to help support the ecosystem of entrepreneurs and investors pioneering the state’s clean energy transition. 

Meanwhile, as the liaison of Chinese incubators under the California-China Cleantech Partnership designed by the California Energy Commission and the State government of California, the Incubator plays a bridge role between California Cleantech promoters, technology providers, research institutes and cleantech incubators and their counterparts in China, to help build the California-Jiangsu Low-carbon Innovation Center in Nanjing, Jiangsu and promote cleantech and low-carbon economic development in both countries. 

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