Culture, Education, Healthcare and Sports


As China continues to urbanize and develop, it is imperative that it harbor culture, education and sports so as to ensure the sustainability and attractiveness of its emerging cities. In this regard, China’s urbanization presents an exciting opportunity for US-China collaboration. The US, with a long history of market led development, has spawned excellent culture, education and sports industries. Through cross-border business flows, China can begin to adopt these excellent hallmarks of American society and make Chinese cities flourish with culture, education and sport.


Launching Pad has multiple projects across China in these spaces, in areas such as Hainan province, Yunnan province, Taizhou city, Xinxiang city, Nantong city, Baoding city, and Huai’an city. Notably, Launching Pad is the lead investor in the China ventures of Education X, Rock’n Learn and other culture, sport and education brands in the US.


Specially, EducationX is founded in California, EducationX is an American educational institute composed of senior education experts from both U.S. and China. Over the years, the institute has developed close collaborative relationships with key schools and educational institutes from both countries. Rockin Learn, a series of courses developed by Education X, was developed based on the latest and best education theory and practice of America. As one of the signature programs under Educaiton X, Rockin Learn has already opened three venues in China within just one year. Education X is also a resident company of New Silicon Valley Offshore Incubator. 

As important as Education, all countries share a strategic mission to improve the health of their populations. Technology and innovative healthcare business models play a key role in helping each country advance towards this goal. Especially as health systems continue to be strained by demographic shifts in the US and China, it is critical that the two countries collaborate to ensure that people can reap the benefits of cutting edge advances in healthcare.


Launching Pad takes an active stake in US-China healthcare and medical technology. Launching Pad has active investments in senior homes across China. At the same time, Launching Pad also works with Vice Dean of the school of Pharmacy of Pacific University for medical research and SRI International for diagnostics and therapy for non-small Cell Lung Cancer. It also sources potential transformative medical technology through its partners and advisors.


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