What We Offer


The Launching Pad provides the best place to find opportunities to expand existing businesses, find new partners, discover new talent for hire, open new markets, develop new technologies, establish a US presence and discover investment opportunities.


The Launching Pad also offers the premier destination for U.S. entrepreneurs, technologists and business people coming from the private, public and education sectors who want to start their own companies in a setting where opportunities abound both for collaboration with like-minded people and for interaction with the many prominent business leaders, investors and entrepreneurs from China. 

We Offer:

Soft Landing    



Smart Funding

Strategic Partnership     

Diverse Expertise 

Basic Amenities:  

Full-time furnished office space

Ø On-demand furnished office space

Ø Conference rooms

Ø  Auditorium with seating for 80-100 people

Ø Relaxing Atrium and Deck

Ø Open Cafe and Break Room

Ø Recreation Room

Ø Internet and wi-fi

Ø Coffee, Tea, and Refreshments

Ø Ample parking

Standard Services Provided

Ø Bi-lingual staff

Ø Fully furnished office space –  temporary,  short- and long-term

Ø Expert industry and legal advice

Ø Connections to our business, technology, and government networks

Ø Lecture series and forums targeted to their specific interests

Ø Meet up events with our entrepreneurs and technologists

Ø Flexible workspace

Ø Human Resources support

Ø  Basic Legal advice

Ø Financial and bookkeeping service

Ø Networking events

Ø Lecture series

Ø Mentoring by industry experts

Ø Connection to our business, investor, technology and governmental networks in both U.S. and China

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