Nanjing, China

         The Nanjing Campus is located in Jiangbei New Area in northern Nanjing, Jiangsu province. The Jiangbei New Area encompasses a group of industrial parks such as Nanjing New and High Technology Industry Development Zone, Nanjing Cross-Strait Technology Industry Park, Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park, and two ports along with Yangtze River, namely Xiba and Qiba. With a total planning area of 2451 square kilometers.

           The Nanjing Campus will play a key role as one of the three platforms under the currently planned California-Jiangsu low-carbon innovation center. With timely and seamless cross-border collaboration with Launching Pad (New Silicon Valley Offshore Incubator) in San Ramon, California, the Nanjing Campus will serve as a platform to showcase and test advanced low carbon technologies, provide incubating and acceleration services for cleantech startups, and promote collaborations between Jiangsu and California research institutions.  

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