Located within the iconic San Francisco Bay Area, the world-renowned high-tech center, VLP Global Innovation Center is co-founded by Launching Pad and The Vault, the number one incubator and accelerator in San Francisco and one of the top ten in the United States. VLP Global Innovation Center has successfully built an expanding incubator and acceleration platform, pooling cutting-edge hightech, talent, and a service network. VLP boosts authoritative experts in many fields and world-class professional management teams, offering flexible modern multifunctional office spaces and various professional services, including supports in human resources, IT, basic legal consulting, business planning, market research, industrial transformation and upgrading, financial services and investment funding in one-stop. We will build a global and sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship service sharing network by attracting global innovative talent and their leading advanced technologies.

VLP Global Innovation Center aims to create an open and diversified ecological space, inject the essence of "omnipotence" in Silicon Valley, effectively attract emerging startups and mature enterprises to settle in, and make it the gathering place of the most potential unicorns. 


Located in San Francisco Bay Area, New Silicon Valley Offshore Development Center (Launching Pad) has become a leading platform in incubating business opportunities and building strong partnerships for entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators from both the United States and China. Guided by the global forefront science and technology, the Center focuses on culture, education, health, sports, general aviation, low carbon clean energy and artificial intelligence, providing modern, multifunctional office space and conference centers as well as a variety of professional service.

The primary target of New Silicon Valley Offshore Development Center is to become the first stop for business leaders, investors and related governments from all over the world, especially from China, in their exploration of the United States, opening a window and building a bridge to Silicon Valley. The Center also serves as start-up locations for entrepreneurs, technical experts and business people in the United States by providing flexible modern multifunctional office spaces, and enable greater access to the Chinese market for their projects, teams and talents.

In a short period of time, New Silicon Valley Offshore Development Center has successfully incubated dozens of start-ups through strategic partnerships with local governments, enterprises, think tanks, and universities in the United States, and has gradually established dozens of representative offices of Chinese institutions in the United States. At present, the Center has established and put into operation incubating parks and project camps in many cities in China.


The Vault is the No. 1 incubator and accelerator in San Francisco and one of the top ten in the United States. It has business contacts with more than 60 cities across six continents around the world. As a full-service company, The Vault provides various innovative ecosystem services such as innovative college learning, innovation consulting, and family office services. Enterprises incubated by The Vault have successfully raised nearly $400 million, among which one has already been listed and another is preparing to go public. By 2020, The Vault’s innovation service network will cover more than 20 cities, connecting startups, fast-growing companies, investors, consultants and partners from all over the world with its San Francisco headquarter located in the center of Silicon Valley to achieve rapid and steady development. Moreover, The Vault is expected to be the world’s most influential start-up accelerator and innovative ecosystem in 2025.



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