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Western U.S. Henan Business Association Work Meeting was successfully held at Launching Pad

On March 7, 2020, Western U.S. Henan Business Association Work Meeting was successfully held at Launching Pad New Silicon Offshore Development Center. Hu Changqiao, the president of Western U.S. Henan Business Association, Zhang Lili, the executive vice president, Li BoMo, Jiang Zhiyu, Wei Long, the directors of Western U.S. Henan Business Association and Dr. Cindy Cui, co-founder and chairman of VLP Global Innovation Center attended the meeting. The meeting discussed the listing ceremony, the articles of association, organizational structure, membership system, 2020 work plan and future development direction, and the external publicity of the business association in detail.


President Hu Changqiao first reviewed the development process and achievements of Western U.S. Henan Business Association, and looks into its prospects. The participants also actively offered advice and suggestions. At the meeting, the participants discussed the articles of association point by point, confirmed and passed the first draft of the articles of the business association, and improved the organizational structure and membership system of the business association. The core responsibilities of the association are "Liaison, Exchange, Cooperation and Development".


The working meeting discussed the action plan of Western U.S. Henan Business Association in 2020 and the future development direction. At the same time of improving the internal and external system, try to explore the potential of the business association, hold large-scale theme forums and activities by combining resources, further enhance the publicity and influence of the business association; continue to promote the summer camp activities with established brand of the business association; strengthen ties with other business associations at home and abroad, non-Chinese organizations and enterprises in the bay area; focus on the investment direction, business investigation and innovation training in different fields to enrich the service content of the business association. In the aspect of external publicity, Western U.S. Henan Business Association shall gradually improve the establishment of the visual identity system, the website, the official account of WeChat and other propaganda tools and channels. Through a series of practical and effective measures to promote the work, enhance the core competitive advantage of the business association.



The establishment of the Western U.S. Henan Business Association will better serve Henan entrepreneurs in the United States, build a platform for resource sharing, cooperation and exchange, and promote cooperation and exchange among Henan entrepreneurs in the bay area, the United States and even the world. At the same time, it will also link enterprises and business associations in China and the United States to integrate resources, and play an important role in improving members' personal and enterprise values.

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