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The First Azi Poetry Recital of “Poetry for Harmony · Embrace Across the Pacific”sponsored by Launching Pad was successfully held

On the evening of September 27, the First Azi Poetry Recital of “Poetry for Harmony · Embrace Across the Pacific” ended successfully in San Francisco, the United States. It was sponsored by Launching Pad and co-organized by the American “Qi Vogue”, Azi Culture and Art Studio, and Azi Recitation Art Troupe.




Launching Pad promoted the dissemination and promotion of etiquette, history, and culture of the Chinese cheongsam in the San Francisco Bay Area jointly with Qi Vogue to work together as cultural ambassadors to disseminate the oriental culture and let more people in China and the United States know about the oriental culture. As a member of the Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group, Launching Pad will enable you to make direct access to the high-end local resources.


Both the American and Chinese recitation artists joined hands for the performance. The representative members of Azi Recitation Art Troupe included Liu Bing, the winner of the Golden Mike Award, the recitation artists Huang Xiaoli, Zhang Li, and more than ten other people; the recitation artist, Mr. Zhou Hong, from the Bay Area, and his team members, Zhao Xiayang, Zheng Qiong, Huang Shu, Xu Qiong, Sun Liqun, Michelle Joann Ahl and Zhang Rui, jointly presented a heart-warming auditory feast. Many overseas Chinese leaders and people from all walks of life in the Bay Area provided enthusiastic support online! Nearly four hundred audiences gathered in the micro theater and actively left messages to express their opinions after the performance. The soul that was tortured during the epidemic was soothed, and the homesickness and anxiety were relieved by poetry. As the Mid-Autumn Festival approached, they spent an unforgettable high-quality, quiet, and peaceful night.




The epidemic in the year of 2020 was a great test for all mankind. On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, such a unique poetry recitation presented a high-level cultural exchange activity of folk recitation art in the form of network micro theater to deliver beauty with sound and heal the soul with poetry. The ladies of Qi Vogue, dressed in cheongsam with cultural energy, participated in the online recitation, because cheongsam symbolizes our national confidence, and it is like a poem, a painting, and more like a picturesque scenery.

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