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2021 China Langfang International Economic and Trade Fair Opening Ceremony - San Francisco Branch Venue, California, USA, successfully held at Launching Pad

On May 18, 2021, the 2021 China Langfang International Economic and Trade Fair.The opening ceremony of the fair set up the main venue in Langfang, and set up 19 overseas branches in the U.S. San Francisco Bay Area, U.S. Iowa, Canada Toronto, Finland Helsinki, Germany Berlin, Japan Tokyo and other countries and regions. The San Francisco Branch Venue in California is co-organized by the Launching Pad and the Hebei chamber of commerce California USA.

Guests from the U.S. political, business and academic circles which include Cindy Cui, Founder and Chairman of Launching Pad; Kelly Gao, President of Hebei chamber of commerce California USA and COO of Hebei Silicon Valley Innovation Park; Newell Arnerich, Mayor of Danville City; John Marchant, Mayor of Livermore City; Robert Pearlstein, President of Qanopy Group; Greg Hitchan, Founder/CEO of Tri-Valley Capital; Jonathan Ting, Vice President of Tri-Valley Ventures; Ethan Daniel Schur, CEO of Grush Company and CTO of TRC Robotics; Tony Zhang, Co-founder of BlueJay Mobile-Health; Chin Lin, TRC Board Director; Penny Reid, Executive Vice-President of Business Development of KOMODO Fire System; David Brimmer, Director of Marketing & Global Communications of KOMODO Fire System; Janis Arnerich, the Chief Expert of EducationX Education Corporation; Samira Ramzanali, Early Childhood Development center owner; Karim Ramzanali, President of Stanford Medical Center Project; Yuhai Yang, Vice president of Hebei Chamber of Commerce in California USA; Carl Yu, President of California Prime Food and Beverage Co and so on attended the opening ceremony of the San Francisco Branch Venue in California, USA via live broadcast.

In recent years, the Launching Pad cooperate with Hebei Province closely. In 2018, the Baoding Overseas Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base was established in the center of Silicon Valley, and in June of the same year, the Launching Pad Baoding Representative Office was established in Baoding City.

Even though the epidemic has made the situation of international exchanges become even more severe, and Sino-US exchanges and cooperation have been greatly affected, we are convinced that these difficulties will be short-lived. In 2021, Launching Pad will merged with and the Hebei Silicon Valley Innovation Center. Led by President Gao Xiang, both sides will jointly integrate high-end resources, strengthen international innovation cooperation with Hebei Province through international innovation forum, project roadshow matchmaking, investment and development, talent introduction, scientific and technological achievements transformation, offshore incubation acceleration, and establishment of friendly states, provinces and cities, etc. As a bridge for cooperation between China and the U.S., Launching Pad will continue to strengthen cooperation with Hebei Province to jointly build an international industrial demonstration park with artificial intelligence, high-end intelligent manufacturing, clean energy, culture, education, sports as its core, to create an international ecological environment of scientific and technological innovation in Hebei Province.

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